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A Thing Called Bliss

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Ever so often we experience a fantastical feeling that we call happiness.

It comes to us in different ways and enlightens our soul to a heightened level of excitement.

Walking in a field full of flowers, sitting by the beach staring into oblivion, reading a good book, watching your kids play, or a simple task like watching T.V with your family, painting or a good night sleep can bring a sense of calmness that generates these ‘happy hormones’.

But very little do we know, there are times when we unravel a transcendent mystery. An energy that is welling up within – that’s BLISS!

Many do not know it yet, some may ignore it and most of us are simply too busy to dwell in this feeling, but, it’s alive in all of us.

To experience this “blissful” feeling, we might need to reflect within and realize what is the purpose of life. This is what #IKIGAI talks about. It’s quite in trend these days, considering how the world is lost in fighting and conquering battles that are absolutely materialistic and extremely superficial.

I am quite sure in these quarantined times, all of us have procrastinated about the same.

But to find the purpose of life is not as easy as it sounds, it’s a lot of work and may take years to develop and understand. Honestly, I do not want to be old and realize that I have never really found the purpose of my life and brood in this unhappy feeling.

Since we all have more time these days, trying to deconstruct thoughts and concentrate on ourselves everyday is the quickest way of finding the purpose for TODAY. You do not need to find the purpose of your life right now, this very second, neither this month, nor this year. Taking one day at a time sounds scary, but is not as bad as we are conditioned to think about it.

Every morning find a purpose for today- conquering an extremely annoying task at work, finally sending those sugar coated mails to some pesky colleagues, exercise or doing something new- exploring a new restaurant, painting on a larger canvas, taking 2 naps rather than 1 (burying your face in the computer and pretending to concentrate, yeah! we have all been there!), learning to meditate, cause for some people like me its extremely hard to sit still for sometime, or being adventurous and starting this blog!

Working towards something, just taking baby steps, to something that’s enhancing your talent or knowledge will eventually lead to a safer haven- that blissful feeling. I know this now as working towards creating this blog has given me the greatest emotional high I have ever experienced.

We often need affirmations to make us do what we really want to do. But honestly, us humans are too lazy, we only do something when we feel like it, and that’s why the only one you need to hear from is yourself.

“Find ecstasy within yourself. It is in your innermost flowering. The one you are looking for is you.”- Osho.

Listen, accept and forgive yourself, do something amazing and magic will always surround you!

Stare at the image above, be inspired, and write to me with what brings you bliss!

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