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An Ode to the Solo Traveler

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Solo traveling has been described as a religious experience by most, where one is able to fully indulge in themselves, the world around them and its beauty. Being someone who works from home myself, with the ability to travel as and when I please, I’ve sure realised that it definitely pushes us outside of our comfort zone and teaches people to be more receptive to new individuals, cultures, passions and experiences.

This pandemic has impacted the life of solo – travellers in a massive way and has changed life as we know it. From believing that our usual routines and tasks are mundane and boring, such as going to work every week, partying every weekend and spending all the time in between on our usual hobbies, it’s something we dearly miss. Solo – travellers have always lived a life in the outdoors and have most likely built their careers through their experiences with new people, cultures and places. From a world full of the outdoors and travel, we’ve now been confined to the four walls of our very own homes, which sure causes our work life to take a backseat too. This unforeseen change, though inevitable, is certainly difficult to adjust to, especially as we see no end in sight to the current situation.

While the impact of this pandemic; be it in the form of travel restrictions, the inability to meet our loved ones, the lack of fresh air by the beach or a simple nature walk into the forest, may seem menial to most of us, it largely impacts the lives of solo – travellers who have never known a different life outside of their own. While an increased productivity due to the new ‘work from home’ situation is one advantage, it’s equally difficult as it causes restlessness, making it extremely tough to get any work done.

Solo-traveling has undeniably made me a more independent and confident person. It has boosted my self – esteem to the extent where I no longer depend on anyone else. I have the confidence to go out there, meet new people and always get the work done! With the current situation, it has turned this very lifestyle into one that is best described as living in a box. The lack of those “big – world” moments, fast learning, and memorable experiences has sure made me realise that it’s important to live each moment to the fullest and never take this incredible lifestyle for granted. The idea of now having to stay home and live and work from what I call a ‘box’, sure is daunting.

Solo-travellers began dealing with several problems pertaining to their work, lifestyle, accommodation, etc. As an individual with the consistent need to move from place to place, being stuck in one surely isn’t pleasant.

Travel restrictions don’t simply limit the ability to visit another city or country, but also limit the ability to make connections and restrict us to building a community solely online. Most solo – travellers find work in the cities they travel to; through the people they meet and the opportunities they search for. However, the Covid – 19 pandemic has stripped this opportunity away causing a high fluctuation in the income which has eventually dropped and become stagnant due to the lack of opportunities and resources. As a solo – traveler, your accommodation is everything! It’s where you start and end your day, eat, work, and practically store all your belongings. During the lockdown, the number of home-stays, hotels, lodges, etc. that had shut down, increased significantly. This caused a scarcity of accommodation, leaving solo – travellers stranded in a city where they had nowhere else to go.

All in all, this pandemic has taught us to really value the lifestyle we currently have as it isn’t something that we’ll always have full control over. Many of us can’t wait to step out into the outdoors again; to meet new people, gain new experiences, and explore new things, once more.

I don’t think most people realise the importance of what they have, until it’s gone. Working remotely and solo - traveling has become a worldwide norm, and when things get better, this norm will be practiced once again.

Until then, all we can do is hope, dream, think of the stars and the sky, the beaches and the sand, the summer and the spring, and hope that one day, we’re able to enjoy the beauty in the outdoors with those we love, again.

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