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HOMEGROWN CREATOR- Reinventing yourself

Fia having a diploma in Film Making and an Economic degree, took an unorthodox path that led her to unleash her creative streak. She worked in several areas of marketing like sales, social media and public relations before becoming a full-time artist.

An art fanatic, Fia never considered making it a career until the March 2020 lockdown, where she couldn't think of anything else to do other than sketch and paint. Overtime, people started noticing her work and that led to a few commercial opportunities.

Knowing Fia personally, I was curious to know how did she decide to take up art as a full time career especially after being educated in Film Making.

Fia- what inspires you to create?

I didn’t scheme to be an artist and for the first few months I would just paint without intention and let my mind run free and wild. Since in the initial days my art work was only for me, I wasn’t strategic. But I noticed I fancied rather dramatic pieces. A bunch of my work is inspired by cinema as well, I tend to do abstract face sketches frequently and like using bold colours in my paintings. In fact, my Instagram account follows a format where I caption my art work with quotes, words and sayings- just a little glimpse into my thought process.

What are you trying to communicate through your creations?

The beauty of being an artist is that every day is different. Some days I will start creating without thinking and just go with the flow. Other days I’ve been inspired by something in my surroundings, while some days are more focused on learning and trying something new (like recently I started creating designing coasters with resin and alcohol inks). The commonality is that all of it makes me happy (at least on most days).

In regards to the message, I believe, anyone and everyone is open to interpreting artwork. In fact, most of the time the way others perceive my work is different from my own thoughts while creating, but I accept and respect all the analyses.

What is your creative process? - How do you create what you create...Is it to time consuming? Or do you get instantaneous ideas?

It’s a mix of both! Some of the larger or more intricate projects are long term- they take weeks even months actually (and are planned this way), while some others have a swifter turn-around period. Other than the ideation, there are factors like technique and medium that decide the duration and even the subject of the piece. Speaking of the creative/work process, I believe consistency is the key. It may sound unoriginal or preachy but it is something I live by. I believe consistency is what sets the opportunists apart from the committed. Some days happen to be extremely good where my creative juices flow abundantly and some days turn out to be slower where I'm unsure of what I'm doing but the point is I'm always doing. And I've observed that it all compounds eventually, even my not-so-great work on my not-so-creative days.

How do you overcome a creative block?

Taking my mind away from ongoing projects and doing things other than art often help me overcome a creative block. Reading, yoga, watching movies, even organising and doing domesticated work can help me reset. Fitness and exercise definitely acts like a mental cleanser for me.

What differentiates you from other creators on Instagram?

I think the fact that I don’t really follow trends. I do try new techniques, themes, mediums all the time. But will only do so if it truly resonates with me, not because everyone is doing it, or because “it will sell”. Not that I’m trying to diminish the idea of monetising art, I just feel that can’t be the only factor in why an artist chooses a project.

What is your advice to the younger creative generation?

There’s something I read sometime back that really gave me perspective. “Nobody sees what you see, even if they see it too”. I think it’s important to remember how unique we all are as artists and must not let go of our distinctive visions. Another thing, any age and any time is good to reinvent yourself.

What do you see the future for artists/ home-grown artists...

I think the future is bright and booming. I feel over the past year, people have started appreciating art no matter where it’s coming from, and not only for a big name.

I also think digital art is something that is going to become really big in the future, although I will always be biased to a canvas and a messy apron.

Re-inventing and evolving are the only ways one explores their inner creativity, and with Fia this is just the beginning.

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