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HOMEGROWN CREATORS- Listening to your Art!

Today, I’m here with Tania Alarcon Rossano, a successful lawyer who loves to explore her passion for painting and let her creativity shine outside of work.

Tania was born in Mexico City. She worked in the insurance industry for 7 years, and is currently a successful lawyer who loves dancing, reading, and learning languages.

Let’s dive into her love and passion for art and all things creative!

Let’s go back to where it all began! How did you get into art? Was it a hobby or a career option since you were young?

I loved drawing since I was a little kid, but I quit when I was around 12 years old. After several years, I decided to try my hand at it again, when I was 24. I began with watercolor initially and switched to Gouache last year (and I love it!). As a kid, it was my dream to become an illustrator, and even when it changed with the years, in the end, I think I made it!

As someone with a creative mind and the artistic nature – what is it that truly inspires you?

It would definitely be making other people feel happy through my art and sending a message which is especially important for me. I also fundraise for different causes which truly inspires me to do what I do, every day!

What are you trying to communicate through your creations? - Is there a special message?

Yes, there certainly is a message! Through my paintings, I try to make empowerment and diversity visible. I focus on talking about women because in many parts of the world women’s freedom is not a reality yet. Violence and discrimination exist due to issues pertaining ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, disability and the list continues. I strive to reflect in my paintings a world where women feel happy and safe to be who they are, to wear what they want and to love who they want.

What is your creative process? - How do you create what you create? Is it time consuming? Or do you get instantaneous ideas that are immediately brought to life?

Since I have a 9-5 job I can only paint during the weekends (which is crazy ha-ha), so every time I have an idea, I write it down and try to imagine how I would like it to look. So, when the weekend comes, I already have a clear idea of what I want to create (what colors I want to use, which elements I want to appear in the painting, etc.) That being said, I am always open for instantaneous ideas (and I love them)!

How do you overcome a creative block?

Such a tough question. I try to get my inspiration back by looking at my feed and trying to think of what will fit next. When I scroll through, I can see what colors I want to use again, what kind of paintings I like the most and which elements would look better. Also, getting inspired by pictures of my old trips and Pinterest always helps. If it does not, I usually take a break, maybe one week or weekend and then resume. Being away from this always helps as well.

I happened to notice the use of a lot of bright shades, especially the color pink on your Instagram... Is it of any significance?

I do personally love pink, so using it makes me really happy and I believe it helps with this idea of “girl power” that I want to transmit. Of course, I’m not saying this is an exclusive color for girls. I love boys using it as well, but it’s so representative anyway!

What’s your favorite medium to use? What materials do you generally invest in?

I use watercolor paper, round, small and large brushes, and gouache colors from different brands, I particularly like Windsor, Himi and Rodart. Additionally, sometimes I use pencil colors.

What is your advice to the younger creative generation; the upcoming talent?

Keep creating!

Whatever you imagine, or dream of, just create it! Sometimes, we are afraid because we believe we’re not good enough or that other people are not going to like our work, but I believe that there is always someone who will! So, don’t give up, and if things don’t go as planned, just try again! (Short story: When I opened my first online shop, I didn’t sell a thing, ha-ha. I was so sad, that I stopped painting and after a whole year, I decided to give it another try. I changed my paintings/style/strategy and landed orders from 9 different countries!)

Last but not the least, remember to always give it your best while doing it. Even if it does not work out well the first time, you will feel happy and proud of your effort!

Lastly, what's your vision for the future? - What future do you for artists/ homegrown artists?

Such a bright one actually! Through social media, our art may reach people from all over the world! Years and decades ago, no one would’ve thought that it would be possible, however, it’s now a reality! So, if you have a message to send and an idea in your mind, go for it!

Tania’s story to pursue her passion and dream since she was young, is a message to everyone to never give up. From quitting at the age of 12, to not selling a single item at her first online store, Tania managed to land orders from 9 different countries across the world!

It’s important to follow your truest desires, be consistent and NEVER stop believing in yourself, in order to achieve your goals.

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