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Forwarded by Anahata Meher

Inspired by Isabelle Dias

We hear everyone talking about it, but rarely know what exactly is Wellness.

Wellness is all encompassing, not only limited to physical health and external beauty. It also includes:

Mental wellbeing

Social wellbeing

Environmental Wellbeing

Emotional wellbeing

Financial Wellbeing

Energetic wellbeing

In millennial terms- all of these influence our VIBE.

We are made up of Soul, Mind and Body and hence our wellness journey must include self-love, self-care, meditation, healing, spiritual practices along with fitness, nutrition and beauty regimens.

Shifting our focus inwards, towards the health of all aspects of our being, helps us to reconnect with the positive vibrations such as love, joy, freedom, expression, gratitude, balance and harmony. We are all made up of energy and this is our starting point. If we wish to awaken wellness in all the different parts of our life, we must pay close attention to our personal vibration. What makes it low? What are the activities that help you feel good about yourself and this life?

Recognising your own energy and inviting positive vibrations into your energy field enables you to raise your individual vibration which in turn supports you to live in oneness and abundance.

It's not just about the self, wellness radiates outside the individual self, into your home, community, environment and the entire ecological system. We are all connected in this web of life and what we give is what comes back to us in some form or the other. Making healthy choices for our environment is equally important for our personal wellbeing. We are nature, we are not separate from nature and when we align to our true nature, we help bring about the much needed healing and balance for our collective.

In some way or the other, we are all in search of our Ikigai- purpose of Life, but your wellbeing plays the most important role in leading you to find your life’s true goal. With making wellness an important part of our lives eventually will lead us to live a life where we are not just surviving but actually thriving.

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